Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Beltran's Recovery Seeing "No Progress"

Via Will Carroll:
Hearing that Beltran's exam was more negative than is being let on. "No progress, none at all." Curious if Boras will comment.

Bad news, kiddies. Not just for Beltran and for the Mets, but for baseball in general. Regardless of what you think of our chances for this season, having a talent like Carlos Beltran healthy and playing is good for everyone. He's a generational talent, and a joy to watch. If there has truly been no progress ... well ... one does not want to think of what happens next.


Luis said...

Why would you post a comment from one source and not report that the Mets however do not agree and according to them Beltran is making progress?

Brian Mangan said...

1) because Will Carroll is a good source

2) because I wasn't aware of the Mets' take on the report

3) because the Mets have been way less than forthcoming with all their injury news in the last several years, varying from deception to outright misinformation