Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thoughts from The Citi: 4/27/2010: Mets Sweep The Dodgers in a Doubleheader

I was fortunate enough to attend two of the ten games in the Mets' recent record-tying 9-1 homestand. And both of those games were on the same day! Here's my photo album of Tuesday's doubleheader: please dont leave the room until I go through all of the slides, I don't want to have to repeat myself.

Apparently this dog is outside of Citi Field before and during every game. Animal cruelty Mets style! If you picture the tip jar as a beer jug marked XXX, it becomes funnier and sadder.

I'm a fan of them moving the old Shea apple to the parking lot. I was always jealous that Yankee fans can always tell friends to meet them "at the bat" before seeing a Yankee game. Not about the championships though. Just the bat thing.

Not many people were around when the first game started at four in the afternoon.

And by the middle of the second game the attendance wasn't that much better. It's a shame that not many Met fans actually got around to seeing a 9-1 homestand in person.

Other thoughts, without visual aids:

- One of Jeff Francoeur's at-bat songs is "So Hard" by Rihanna, which was especially humorous for the Dodgers games when you consider that Rihanna's boyfriend is Los Angeles center fielder/resident loafer Matt Kemp.

- The out of town scoreboard malfunctioned during the late innings of the second game in a very odd manner: for ten seconds it would show the current scores of the games, then display the scores of the games from ten minutes earlier. Wilson, a Mariners fan, kept getting frustrated because the Mariners were repeatedly winning 3-2, then losing 2-1, then regaining the lead, then losing it again, so on and so forth plus infinity.

- Citi Field this season added a video screen to the right of the right field foul pole for the poor saps like myself who happen to be visually obstructed from the corner of left field. It came in handy more than once.

- A group of fans asked more than one vendor if they had seen their friend "Fingers", who supposedly was a pretzel vendor. If anyone has seen Fingers, leave us a comment.

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