Sunday, April 04, 2010

Yankee Broadcasting Silliness in Midseason Form

As a Met fan, one of the things I know that I have been SPOILED ROTTEN with is the excellence of our broadcasting team. Gary, Keith, and Ron are funny, insightful, smart, interesting, and brutally honest when it comes to the Hometown Nine. Yankee announcers on the other hand, have not been as warmly received by Yankee fans, blogs, and writers.

If you were watching the game on YES tonight as I was, you may have heard the following nugget from the Yankee broadcaster:

"Curtis Granderson hit 28 of his 30 home runs away from home last year. As you know he played in spacious Comerica Park. But still, 28 away and 2 at home."[1]

My BS detector went off on that one. So I checked it.

Turns out that Granderson actually hit 20 of his 30 home runs on the road last season. So uh... okay guys.


[1] This is compeletely paraphrased. I have no way of getting the actual quote, but if you have DVR and watched the game maybe you can help me out.

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Anonymous said...

Michael Kay also opened the broadcast saying, "it's Easter baseball in Baltimore!" or something like that. Despite the fact that Fenway Park is located in Boston.