Thursday, August 12, 2010

"The Only Thing K-Rod Will Be Closing Today Is A Jail Cell Door"--My Dad

So I figured I'd switch things up today and as David Wright would say as he does every time he opens the window of his Lincoln MKS, "The Game has officially been changed." Yep I'm changing my format of my recaps just for today. I couldn't type up a recap about this horrible no good very bad game last night but I decided I would make some videos today. About a couple days ago I started a web series called "Two Octogenarians At The Park." It stars two octogenarians, my buddies Irving and Joe and they randomly zing each other. Irving is 87 and he is possibly the coolest person on the planet and Joe is 80 and he wears super high socks. I always hang out with these guys after my morning runs at the park. IN the videos I've posted me and my buddy Irving (there's no Joe in these videos) dish about last night's game and well the whole K-Rod getting arrested business. I hope this is a special treat for you folks. I hope my voice doesn't annoy you guys too much! Enjoy! And my Dad is in the first video but he didn't want to be on camera so you will just hear his voice from time to time. Here we go! Could Gary, Keith and Ron have some competition, hmmmmmmm??!!

Click on Part Deux to hear the rest!


Brian Mangan said...

Danielle, this is amazing!! I love these guys. Keep up the great work :)

Brian Mangan said...
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