Sunday, August 29, 2010

Can We Blame Rihanna For This Horrible 2010 Metsies Season!?!

Game 2: Astros 4 Mets 1
Myers vs Santana

So after last night's horrible loss I have officially entered reality and am throwing in the towel. I no longer have these visions of grandeur for the NY Metropolitans. I get it now, they are done. I got the message loud and clear. The only thing I and other fans can hope for at this point is for the Metsies to maybe be spoilers. If they could ruin Philadelphia's playoff dreams that would be magnificent! If they could just win a lot of their 33 or so remaining games even though they are of no meaning at all that would be splendid.

Over the last month I'll admit it, I just was this delusional optimistic fan who thought every win they got was going to start a winning streak for them and that they were still in playoff contention. And every day after that win they would break my heart and generally lose. I kind of feel like the Mets and I have been in this hot and heavy relationship this season and well I got the raw end of the deal and we need to break up like NOW. We can still be friends and I will hope for the best for them. We can end this on good terms. I have to just be emotionally unavailable at this point with them. My heart can't handle these games. I'm not as strong as I think I am and that kind of sucks. These losses hurt. This anemic offense is painful to watch.

AND Jeff Francouer is just making me look like a dope each time he sucks at the plate. I am his biggest supporter and really after last night's game he just destroyed me. For instance let's focus for a second on Frenchy's at bat in the bottom of the 8th because this is really the one opportunity the Mets had to get one of their rare wins after 7 innings deals. Here we go to the bottom of the 8th! The Astros starter Brett Myers was out of the game and the reliever Lopez was in some hot water. Wright had just scored the first run for the Mets, he rbi singled (Davey now has 86 rib eye steaks), and Castillo and his two different sized legs who were on at 2nd (after leading off this inning with an infield hit) scored! The Mets were now down 4-1, Wright was on first, there was one out and Isaac Benjamin Davis was up. And Ike then singled and things were looking well positive for the Mets and really they hadn't all game long. So it was up to Frenchy to do something with Ike and Davey on and still just the 1 out! But nope Frenchy struck out and a new pitcher was coming in to face Josh Thole. This new reliever Byrdak got Josh to fly out and well this game was over right then and there. I mean the Mets had another 3 outs to do something but even I realized they weren't doing a thing. In the bottom of the 9th Tejada, Carter and Pagan were retired oh so easily and well they lost.

Ugh this game sucked. But it got me thinking! Can Rihanna be to blame for this horrible season? Her music for most of this season has been Frenchy's at bat songs. In April and May Frenchy after his early hot streak would swing at every pitch possible to her track "So Hard." Then the Rihanna music was on hiatus for Jeff's at bats and he was swinging and missing to The Outfield's "Your Love" for most of June. And then Frenchy wasn't getting much playing time with Beltran's return so there was no music many outings for him. He would just be in the dugout with his sunflower seeds. But now with Bay hurt and Manuel's flip flopping who will play right field ways, Frenchy's playing time has been increasing and Jeff is torturing us fans every time he is at the plate to Eminem and Rihanna's "Love The Way You Lie." I blame this new at bat song for the Mets horrible home games over the last month.

Frenchy is the team leader more or less and well if he's asking for Rihanna songs to play when he comes out it's just not working. And really how does this at bat song business work? I really want to know the answer! Does Frenchy actually get to ask for specific songs? Or is he just asked what genre of music he enjoys? Personally I would never have taken this Georgia boy to be a hardcore Rihanna fan but maybe he is. Honestly I don't get it and well yep I'm blaming Matt Kemp's girl for this season of ups and way too many DOWNS. I always want a scapegoat and usually I'd go with Kevin Burkhardt but after he was yelled at by K-Rod on the infamous "I beat up my girlfriend's father night" I feel bad for him. So yep Rihanna is my current scapegoat.

BTW just pay attention to Burkhardt for the rest of this season. I've noticed him looking well kind of scared each time he is now on camera. And every story he shares with us fans is of a happy family or well a happy story because I think he is still traumatized from K-Rod basically saying something like "Kevin was I in the BLEEPING game, did I BLEEPING pitch, yada yada yada." I truly think Kevin is not the same man in the stands thanks to Frankie. It's just a theory I have but it could be true and correct!

And now to the ballads of Jeff Francouer this season. My personal favorite has been The Outfield's "Your Love." That is just one of my favorite songs ever!

Well Dickey is on the mound this afternoon and if the Mets could win that would be amazing.

Have a great day folks!

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