Saturday, August 07, 2010

Dear Omar Minaya, Why Are You Trying To Create The Sequel To "LOST?!?!" Stop Being J. J. Abrams And Give Us Answers!

So I thought I would share with all of you that I have decided that I will be going on a Vitamin Water strike until David Wright helps to get the NY Metropolitans back on track. I imagine in these dark times this is exactly what Gandhi would do. I guess I'd end the strike if they could just get back to back wins at this point.

But in all seriousness I am very intrigued by what is going on with the Metsies. I was reading up on our beloved squad this morning and well something very interesting is happening.

These are the facts according to the NY Post:

1- Fernando Martinez and Ruben Sandwich (Tejada) were late scratches from last night's starting lineup for Triple A-Buffalo.
2- According to an industry source, the Metsies placed Jesus Feliciano, Crash Davis (Hessman), Ollie Ollie and Luis Castillo on trade waivers this past Thursday and those waivers expire this coming Monday.

So now this is like an episode of "LOST" or something. I totally went WHAT WHAT WHAT as I read this and well I want answers like NOW! Minaya is being all withholding of information and he won't discuss what this means so yeah he sucks as usual. I take it to mean this. And well I could be wrong. Perhaps the Mets are calling up Tejada and Martinez to maybe spark our Metsies lineup like young Isaac Benjamin Davis did in mid April or well they are going to be traded. And if it's the latter who is still available to get in this trade?! If they were going to be traded (and I don't want them to be) well at least the Mets should have acquired an Oswalt or a Lily in the process, right?! At this point it makes no sense to ship them off for like who, a Carlos Zambrano?! Yep I would not like that at all. My real hope is that Minaya is just finally going to suck up his pride and well get rid of Ollie and Luis for whatever he can get. I'm at the point where I just don't care if they are super stars for another team. I imagine a pitching coach like St Louis' Dave Duncan could make Ollie into a 20 game winner and you know what I would deal with that. I wouldn't be all bitter about it. I just want him gone. And well Castillo I think everyone knows from things I've written that I am not a fan and I would take Ruben at second base any day over this two different sized leg freak. So I really hope during tonight's game Kevin Burkhardt has some update for us fans because I want to know what is going on!

And I just have to say that Bobby Parnell is really irking me. After last night's game all he had to say to the press was "I sucked. I really messed up, I didn't have my stuff and I just know I can do better." Some crap like that. Instead what did he say, "I felt I made some good pitches. I hope to come out there today and get them again. I hope the phone rings and they ask for me in a one-run ball game." First off what good pitches did he throw, I recall him giving up 4 straight singles so yeah what is Bobby smoking? And I don't want him coming into any 1 run game ever again. Especially not today. I'm kind of just like at the point where I say screw pitch counts, let's let the starting rotation if they are in a groove get to 130 pitches. Jerry just has to stop thinking that he needs to give these guys a pitch count leash so to speak. The Mets need to win games and at this point that's letting the starters pitch into the 8th inning. Then if they show signs of being all tired he can bring in Parnell, Dessens, Feliciano, Acosta, whatever his flavor of the week is. Really if the Mets are going to turn this season around somehow it all starts with letting the Metsies ride on their great starting pitching performances coattails.

So I hope we find out tonight what exactly Minaya is sneakily doing and well I just want the Mets to win. I can go a long time without drinking Vitamin Water but really my world is a better place when I do drink it and well when the Mets get victorinos!

Have a great day folks and I just so wish we will all be on a high after tonight's game and not left in a low like no other from last night's 8th inning debacle. Oye.


Pete said...

I don't think that matters of money have anything to do with Omar Minaya's "pride." Ever since Madoff the only acquisition has been Jason Bay as a reaction after a severe lack of season ticket sales. To me, Omar is obviously handcuffed. He has actually made pretty decent moves considering that he doesn't seem to have any operating budget at all.

Danielle said...

Pete I totally get what you are saying completely. Thank you for your feedback! And no you are right he is handcuffed and I guess using "pride" was not the exact right word to get my point across. I'm just so frustrated with the Mets right now. I can't stay away and well I keep believing foolishly that this season will turn around. And I'm really curious to know the following: In your opinion what do you think the Tejada and Martinez being scratched from yesterday's triple A-Buffalo lineup means exactly?

Pete said...

These are definitely frustrating times! Once I heard about Cora's option, I knew it had to do with money. I personally thought he would be traded to the Red Sox and that Francoeur would be sent to Seattle both for minor leaguers. Apparently, even that was too optimistic. I totally forgot about Jesus Feliciano. I guess that in essence the Mets are broke, they raised the white flag on the 2010 Mets and the only thing that can save us now are the 2010 Bisons. Let's Go Mets!