Monday, August 30, 2010

Dickey and Thole Are WAY Cooler Than Batman And Robin!

Game 3/The Rubber Game: Mets 5 Astros 1
R.A. Dickey vs Bud Norris
The best duo ever are no longer Batman and Robin in my mind. Dickey and Thole are way awesomer!

--Reyes is still out and most likely will not be playing in the upcoming series that starts tonight against Atlanta, boo!
--Luis Hernandez was in the lineup!
--There was no Rihanna at bat music playing and the Mets won. I think my theory is holding up!
--There was a Jay Bay sighting. Roger who was at the game saw Jay Bay as he was leaving the players parking lot. Jay Bay was sucking on a lolly and wearing shades. Sadly he did not capture this amazingness on camera. Blasphemy I say!

And well now let me get to the action.

I'm back with a video. Irving and I talk about yesterday's marvelous Metsies victorino! Again the formula is probably not right. It's too long. AND my Dad told me once he finished filming it for me that I hogged the conversation and well dominated the video yet again. Sheesh. Well here we go! I don't think it's the worst thing ever.

Btw there was a Mets sighting on "MAD MEN" last night!

Every office should be required to have a NY Metropolitans banner hanging. "Mad Men" knows this obviously since they are the Emmy winning best drama series on television. Btw Pete looks like he just learned from Lane that in the future the 2010 Metsies are 10 games behind Atlanta in the NL EAST!

And tonight it's Misch on the mound for the Metsies! Could he get win #1 and defeat the Atlanta Schmucks!? If he did it would be splendid indeed. Have a great day folks!

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