Friday, August 27, 2010

I Am Just About Ready To Throw In The Towel...

Game 3/The Blique Blues: Marlins 11 Mets 4

Jose Reyes is out! Damn right oblique yet again has to ruin everything.

So in today's video installment Irving and I (and oh it's not just my voice this time, oh I'm in the flesh, be prepared) discuss last night's debacle, yep the game and well we are interrupted half way through by a park worker named Louisa. My Dad was filming for me this time around and well he took it upon himself to include Louisa in this film and honestly I think it was a brilliant move. Although this vid goes from a Mets venting session to just some impromptu madness it might just be the right medicine for any Mets fan like myself who has the "O-Blique Blues."

So sit back, relax and well it's 10 minutes long so of course no one has to sit through watching me, Irving, my Dad and Louisa for that long but I think if you stick around for the whole film you might just LOL a lot, you will probably think I'm a little crazy (well the good kind of crazy if you don't think that already) and well you'll MEET Louisa. Interesting to note about Louisa the park worker lady or as I call her the Italian Betty White, her son is a surgeon at Maimonidies Medical Center. Yep he's a foot surgeon folks. Ok click play, here we go!

Have a great day folks!

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