Sunday, January 10, 2010

Rangers Sign Guerrero - One Year/$5 Million

As reported by MLBTradeRumors This is a fantastic deal for the Rangers. I am shocked that this is all that Guerrero could get on the open market this year.

For teams with the DH, Guerrero is a no-brainer. He had a rough year last year but was not a performance related decline - he was injured. The injury was a freak one as well - he tore a pectoral muscle. Yes, he has the balky knees and much-discussed back, but as far as I can tell, those were not causes of his down season.

In fact, Guerrero had a very Vlad-like finish to his season last year. From when he came back from injury, August 4th, through the end of the season, Vlad hit .300/.347/.498 with 11 home runs in only 207 at bats.

I'm not the biggest advocate of signing 34-year-old's who have to DH and who are coming off injury marred seasons -- but in this case, I think people have gotten off the Vlad bandwagon too early. The guy crushes bad pitching and definitely has something left in the tank. The Rangers will probably enjoy this.

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