Monday, January 04, 2010

Why Not Delgado?

I get the impression from reading local newspapers and browsing the blogosphere that people do not want Carlos Delgado to come back to the Mets next year. My question is... why not?

Delgado is exactly the kind of player the Mets could use at this juncture. He is likely going to be seeking an incentive-laden contract -- after a year of injury, he'll need to prove he can still play. He's a slugger with BIG time power. He's not going to require a multi-year commitment. He plays first base, our area of biggest weakness. He's not going to be that expensive.

So what's the hold up?

I get the impression that - just like with Pedro Martinez the year before - people have this desire to "move on." It might not be 100% rational, but people want to look at a different team this year than last year. So even though Pedro made great sense for the Mets last season, we didn't bring him back.

By the same token, I think that Carlos Delgado's chances of coming back to the Mets - even though he was a great player and an excellent fit - are slim to none simply because people would rather have change of some kind, any kind, to forget about 2009.

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Tony said...

I think its a few things in no order.

1)Some fans are just hung up on Daniel Murphy. Even saying he's great defensively.

2)Some fans think Delgado is some sort of cancer in the clubhouse

3)They just want change for change sake.

4)They just like Murphy better than Delgado. I don't mean talent wise either.

5)They feel signing Delgado gives us a lesser chance of signing a great pitcher, thats not out there. Yea i think Sheets is great but he's also a risk.

Thats the impression i'm getting from reading the Play Murphy at 1B. Even when the Castillo for Lowell trade was mentioned they still wanted Murphy getting a bulk of the AB's.