Saturday, April 09, 2011

It Wasn't Pretty But More Importantly The Mets WON!

Game 2: Mets 8 Nats 4
Capuano's Metsies debut vs Gorzelanny

First night game at Citi field aka the battle of the Hairston bros at Citi Field! Both brothers shamed their family name because they just can't hit but Scott's team is victorious! Btw any "Mad Men" fans out there, does Terry Collins at all remind you of Roger Sterling?!

Ok enough of my celebrity doppelganger theories, let's get to the recap!

Bottom of the 1st, Reyes singled to lead off this ballgame (and now he has a 6 game hitting streak)! Pagan then popped up. Wright was then up with 1 out and Reyes stole 2nd! But ugh David Wright struck out and it was up to Beltran to bring Jose home with 2 outs and he homered! This was the first Citi Field homer this season and the Mets took a 2-0 lead over the Nats. But sadly Scott Hairston took the early I will shame my baseball family name lead by flying out to Jerry! Ugh why couldn't he at least fly out to an outfielder who doesn't share his surname!

3 run homer by Espinosa in top of 2nd, 3-2 boo, the Nats take the lead.

Bottom of the 4th Wright struck out and seriously that was his 10th K in 30 at bats, wtf. I thought this was a different David!? But hooray for Beltran who homered again and the game was tied at 3-3 and who doesn't love the Bel-ly 2 homer games! 28th career multiple homer game for Carlos, wahooo!

But ugh how soon the lead again disappeared in the top of the 5th! 4-3 after Desmond's lead off solo home. But then Capuano struck out Werth! 7th K of the game for Chris! Then Zimmerman singled to give the Nats their 6th hit of the game, boo. But phew, Morse then flew out and there were two outs, Zimm was on 1st for Wilson Ramos who doubled and thanks to a great play by Pagan in the outfield Zimm had to stay at 3rd and then Ankiel grounded out and the inning was over. Further danger averted!

Bottom of the 5th, Capuano with one out doubled thanks to Werth playing way shallow! But ugh ugh Reyes then flew out and it was up to Pagan to tie this ball game up with now 2 outs! And a disgusted with himself Pagan popped up and Chris was left stranded.

Top of the 6th Espinosa gets fanned to lead off the inning, 8 K's for Capuano! And he had 8 total K's on the night. Then Jerry Hairston flew out. And Gorzelanny grounded out to end the inning!

Davey led off the bottom of the 6th by striking out, just joshing, he got walked! Could Beltran homer again!!?? He didn't homer but Hairston flubbed Carlos' long fly ball, he totally misplayed it and Wright was now on at 2nd and Beltran was on at first with no outs for SCOTT Hairston! Scott shamed the family name too by striking out but then Isaac Benjamin Davis got a 2 run triple! Davey and Carlos scored and it was a 5-4 Mets lead! And that's Ike's 2nd career triple and he now has 8 rib eye steaks on the year! Then Daniel Murphy pinched hit for Hu and he singled, Ike scored and it was a 6-4 ballgame! Then Nickeas singled, Murph went to 3rd on the hit and run play and Duda was up to pinch hit for Capuano with 1 out. But the fun ended, it was a huge K for Duda and even worse it was a strike him out throw him out double play, side retired.

123 go the Nats thanks to Buchholz (on only 8 pitches no less) in relief in the top of the 7th!

Bottom of the 7th with 1 out Pagan is walked and then with Davey up, Pagan stole 2nd, 4th stolen base for Angel thus far! Wright then grounded out but Angel moved to third and there were 2 outs for Beltran to do some more damage! But ugh he flew out to Werth, inning over. Why couldn't Werth pull a Jerry Hairston!

Top of the 8th Bobby P in for relief! And Keith discussed his Mercedes and the booth discussed the strike zone as Bobby gave up a single to Morse. And then he walked Ramos and then phew Ankiel hit one just foul. It looked like a homer. But it wasn't and with first and 2nd and no outs and Ankiel struck out. Yay Bobby! Now it was 1 out and Espinosa was up, ugh. After a huge battle he struck Danny out and with 2 outs Collins made the pitching change and he brought in ugh K-Rod to face the pinch hitter Stairs. Could he get a 4 out save!? Big out for Frankie! Stairs grounded out to Eamus and boom 3 more outs to go for the save!

Broderick who came in in the 6th is still in the game to face Hairston in the bottom of the 8th. "I like this kid." Broderick's got a fan in Ron Darling. But then Hairston is hit by a pitch and "Start Me Up" is blasting for Ike! And Davis singled! So the Mets have men on 1st and 2nd and no outs for Eamus. Let's have Ron commend a pitcher's talent more often! Greatest jinx ever! This was Eamus' first time up to bat (Hu started, then Murphy before Brad came in) and he was now hit by a pitch and the bases were loaded with nobody out for Thole. And Broderick was taken out of the game and Slaten was in. And Thole grounded a ball and Davis blocked Desmond from picking up the grounder, as a result Ike was out and the bases were loaded with one out for K-Rod's first ever plate appearance. Gary then said "You know he's gonna be aggressive that's his nature on the field...he looks like he's done this before." But sadly K-Rod struck out and it was up to Reyes to make up for Ike's faux pas. And Jose doubled (3rd 2B this season), Eamus and Hairston scored, Thole to 3rd and it was an 8-4 lead for the Mets! And then Pagan flew out to end the inning.

Could K-Rod get a save? Would 4 runs be a big enough cushion for his drama mama ways?! Of course this wasn't an easy top of the 9th! Cora pinch hit to lead off against Frankie and he was walked. Next up Desmond was walked and it was 1st and 2nd with nobody out for the bearded Werth. And Jayson's evil beard was not so evil and he grounded into a 6-3-4 double play, wahoo! Now it was up to Zimmerman with 2 outs and Cora on third and Frankie struck out Zimm and the Mets win, the Mets win!

Here's to tomorrow and hopefully the Mets first home series victory!

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