Friday, April 01, 2011

Forget that Josh Johnson who the eff is this John Buck?

Marlins 6 Mets 2
Josh Johnson vs Big Pelf

Why hello there my fellow Metsie obsessed fans. It's good to have our baseball back! I've missed the boys. Sure the Jets supplied me with a lot of fun and well heartbreaking times and then the Nets have attempted to play basketball but nothing rocks my world quite like Mets baseball. For some reason even though I know the Mets will always disappoint me I enter each season excited as can be. Yep I just love being a masochist and really the Mets supply the best opportunity for me to get my masochistic ways on.

Honestly this game was an enjoyable pitcher's duel. The operative word being "WAS." It felt like Pedro was pitching against Josh Johnson like last year's season opener but nope Big Pelf had to go and ruin any hopes of a possible 1-0 start to this season.

Let's get to how it all unfolded in such a no good very bad fashion. To the bottom of the 4th! This inning started out so innocently and then bam it was first and third (Stanton on 3rd, Sanchez on 1st) for Logan Morrison with one out. Morrison was walked and ugh the bases were loaded for John Buck (I think no relation to Joe Buck or Uncle Buck). He battled like no other with Pelfrey and he was victorious. On the 8th pitch Buck hit a grand slam in his national league debut. Come on doesn't he know it's overrated to have a great debut as a Marlin! Damn him. 4-0 fish and it didn't look good for the Amazins and Pelf looks like he is not gonna replicate his awesome start one year ago. "That was an impressive at bat" says the Hernandez. Damn right it was and ugh ugh ugh Pelf got out of the inning but at this point Johnson was on fire and pitching a no-hitter. 9 in a row had been retired by Johnson after 5. Blech I wanted to vomit.

And the misery continued in the bottom of the 5th, Sanchez singled and Ramirez who was on 2nd scored and the fish's lead was now 5-0. But phew Morrison popped up to end the inning.

In the top of the 6th the no hitter continued on. Thole grounded out for out numero one. Duda then got his pinch hit on and duh he did nothing and he flew out to left. And then the 12th man to be retired in a row by Johnson was Reyes who also flew out to Coghlan.

And then wtf John Buck did it again in the bottom of the 6th. Who is this dude? Beato making his debut for the Metsies "battling the butterflies" according to Gary gave up an off the wall double to John Buck. Okay day one and the new Mets killer is John Buck. I guess it's always good to figure out who our nemeses are as early as possible. What is it about these Marlins that always makes the Mets match up against them in the worst fashion ever? But phew after Buck, Beato retired the next three marlins in a row!

Willie Harris led off the 7th inning and he got the first hit of the night! A double for the former Met killer who is now a Met! Then with one out and Harris on third Beltran doubled and the Mets cut the lead back to 4. 5-1! Then Pagan infield singled and Isaac Benjamin Davis was up with men on 1st and 3rd with 1 out. Ike grounded to Infante and Omar couldn't make the play to get Beltran out at home so he instead made the play at 1st, Ike was out but Carlos scored and the lead was just 5-2. Then with the bases loaded and 2 outs Collins had Scott Hairston pinch hit for Josh Thole against the Marlins reliever Mike Dunn. This was the big debut for Hairston and he struck out and shamed his Hairston MLB family name.

Beato didn't give up any runs in the bottom of the 7th and we were off to the top of the 8th with this game actually in reach for the Mets. Maybe Pelf could get a no decision after all and forget that grand slam ever happened. Or maybe the Mets would do nothing! Yep they did nothing and for some reason I still watch games with some optimism and assumed maybe they could make a comeback. Will I ever smarten up and learn?!

Yep optimism is for suckers. Then Morrison homered to lead off the bottom of the 8th and now the lead was 6-2 but phew that was all the damage that was done.

To the top of the 9th and the last hope for the Mets! 6-2 ball game. Beltran led off the 9th against the Marlins closer Leo Nunez and he flew out to Coghlan for out numero uno. Now it was time for Angel "Crazy Horse" Pagan and he popped up to third. And now the fate of a Metsies comeback fell into the lap of my fave Metsie Mr. Ike Davis. Sadly Davis struck out and Terry Collins is now 0-1 as the manager of the Amazins.

Tomorrow Niese takes the mound and ugh it has got to be better than this right??!!

And Keith needs to be funnier tomorrow. If I'm gonna survive this season he has to deliver me gems and for some reason he was super focused and professional sounding. Granted there was a lot of "cheese" talk but still I want some random tangent about Jack Kerouac or David Bowie from Keith. Yep I do...

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