Sunday, March 13, 2011

Quick Spring Impression - Pat Misch

What does Pat Misch have to do to get some respect?!

I'm not out to suggest that the Mets shouldn't have signed Chris Young or Chris Capuano -- nor am I suggesting that the Mets should assume that Misch will definitely stick as a starter in the majors. However, despite the underwhelming fastball and underwhelming presence out there on the mound, he's performed exceedingly well over the last two years. Over the last two years, Misch has put up almost 200 minor league innings with an ERA of less than 3.25. In the major leagues, his xFIP with the Mets in 2009 was 5.19 and his xFIP last season was 3.78.

Once again, I wouldn't bet the house the Misch would win 15 games if starting all year, but all the projection systems have Misch posting a FIP/ERA of around 4.20-4.75. He's certainly ahead of Dillon Gee on my depth chart.

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