Friday, January 07, 2011

2011 Mets Calendar

So, for Christmas, I got a 2011 Mets Calendar. Nice gift, you know, kinda thoughtful. Anyway, it's endorsed by the MLBPA and such, seems legit. Probably one of the few licensed full sized twelve month calendars with Mets on it. But here's the amazing part -- you have to see what players are on it.

And I must emphasize -- this calendar is for 2011:

January- Daniel Murphy
Okay, a little unexpected to see Murph here since he didn't play last season and isn't projected for a starting role in 2011 (yet). But he is recognizable and fans like him, so fine.

February- Ike Davis
Now we're talking

March- Luis Castillo
Seriously, LUIS CASTILLO. What's April going to be, Oliver Perez in a swimsuit?

April- John Maine
Already non-tendered.

May- Jose Reyes
Alright, back to reality. There are definitely seven more Mets who won't make you want to vomit, so this calendar looks like a success.

June- Johan Santana
Now we're clicking on all cylinders. What could possibly go wrong?

July- Jeff Francoeur
WHAT?!?! He was traded LAST SEASON! Not to mention he's terrible -- but more importantly, he wasn't even a Met in September of last year.

August- Francisco Rodriguez
Eh. I guess you have to include him.

September- Carlos Beltran
So damn cool.

October- Jason Bay
Yes, he of the six home runs.

November- Mike Pelfrey
'Atta boy.

December- David Wright
He's good.

My question for you is this: Was this calendar done by someone who knows nothing about the Mets? Or are there just SO FEW players on the team worthy of even putting on a calendar? Who would you have included? Here are my big-time oversights:

- Angel Pagan, because he's awesome
- R.A. Dickey, who by the way, would make an EXCELLENT candidate for this in general because of his insane facial expressions
- Pedro Feliciano, because it's forgivable to have thought late last year that he would be returning
- Bobby Parnell, young, throws 100 mph, and definitely a Met

I could understand that a guy like Josh Thole or Jon Niese, despite being personal favorites, probably wouldn't sell too many calendars -- but some of these choices, my goodness.

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