Sunday, May 24, 2009

Metsblog and Omir Santos, Part 2

Just to follow up on an earlier post. Here is a copy and paste from The first part is the news item, the italicized part is his "opinion":

In the Daily News, Adam Rubin writes, “Brian Schneider could return to the Mets from the DL within a week.”

… a few weeks ago, the talk was that santos would get sent down when schneider returns… now, i see no way the Mets can let this happen… castro has to go, unless the Mets again plan to carry three catchers… however, given all the injuries, and playing short handed, how is that justified… sorry, ramon…

Sorry, what?? For the record, here are their lines from this season:

Omir Santos: .270/.306/.444, 63 ab, 2 hr, 15 rbi
Ramon Castro: .253/.340/.425, 75 ab, 3 hr, 13 rbi (he homered and doubled today, so I'm guessing on the obp and slg).

Even if we were looking ONLY at this year and ONLY at a tiny sample size of about 70 at bats, Santos has NOT been better than Castro. But we're not.

Fact is, Omir Santos is a career minor leaguer with a line of .258/.304/.348. Ramon Castro has been putting up better numbers than that in the major leagues for years. Last year, struggling with injuries, Castro hit .245/.312/.441 for the Mets. The year before, he exploded for a .285/.331/.556 line for the Mets, hitting huge home runs down the stretch.

I don't love Castro. He's a decent player. But the idea that Omir Santos should be on the roster ahead of him is silly.

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