Monday, January 26, 2009

For The Record - January 2009

I love the K-Rod signing at 3 years and 37 million.

I love the J.J. Putz trade, even though I think Heilman will be a valuable pitcher and could still succeed as a starter.

I think the Braves vastly overpaid for Derek Lowe, and will regret the contract. He won't be terrible but he won't earn 15 million a year either. He'll probably post a 4.00 ERA this year and get progressively worse.

I was always against the federal bailout.

I always wondered why families which had more than one car didn't have one tiny car instead of a second, standard sized car. I understand people like to have a van or SUV or wagon for moving the kids back and forth from college or something, but two big cars? My family has always had two sedans and I never understood it. This was before gas prices went through the roof. I also thought they they would someday be able to make a car which ran on Pepsi or Coke but that hasn't developed yet. I think that the future of big family automotion will probably be in the one regular car one small car model.

People are saying that the Mets have about $10 million left to spend but I don't understand why that is. Why would you spend money to a ceiling only to guarantee yourself to be in the thick of the race when that next $10 million carries so much more utility? Spending money to go from 80 to 85 wins doesn't help much, but from 95 to 100 wins you are guaranteeing yourself a playoff spot and a dominant squad with a chance to go far. Why have a hard payroll ceiling that you keep the same each year? That being said, I think that the Mets should jump all over the depressed market.

I'd like Oliver Perez at 3 years and 11 million a piece, or 4 years and 9.5 million apiece. If he wants the additional year, he gets less AAV. If he wants to play for money and get a new contract, he should take the 3/11. More than that begins to look like an overpay.

I'd also like the Mets to get Adam Dunn. I would love it. With Burrell signing at a pittance, and a ton of outfielders available, I think this is our chance. It looks like a no brainer to me, despite his lefthandedness. Sign Dunn and then move him to 1B next year when Delgado moves on. I really think this is a no brainer.

Reyes, Church, Wright, Delgado, Beltran, Dunn, Tatis/Murphy, Castillo would form a dominant offense. It splits up the lefties and righties, and its deep... with a perennial 40 home run hitter batting 6th. It would also help us avoid throwing money at a loser like Hudson.

I liked Obama starting in January of 2008, so I was on the bandwagon early. Furthermore, I think its time for everyone to get off his junk and let him do his job. I will not buy a single piece of Obama merchandise, and whenever CNN shows a special on him I fight the urge to vomit. He hasn't done anything yet. (edit: well, now he's issued some executive orders but still).

I think that we need to switch to a simpler tax structure. Not necessarily more or less, but we should tax more on income and stop taxing every little thing. Maybe we abolish the sales tax to try and stimulate spending. We've got to close the loopholes available only to the rich.

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