Thursday, December 29, 2005

Leave Willie Alone... for now

Enough with bashing Willie please. Even the most incompetent manager (who makes it to the ML level anyway) can’t lose you 10 games. Take a look at any of the tons of research that have been done about it. Educate yourselves.

This isn’t Fantasy Baseball. Not every yahoo can go out there and manage a baseball team. Maybe I know more than Willie Randolph about VORP and splits and probably every other thing related to what people talk about on baseball blogs... but the man was a professional. Baseball is his life. He has the respect of the players.

The bottom line is, the Mets had a vastly improved season last year, and they DIDN’T give up. Willie was slow to realize things, but he did get there. Wright higher in the order, Piazza lower. He took his time getting there, and you know what? I don’t blame him that much. Research has shown that poor lineup construction only costs you a handful of runs in a season, and there’s not understating the real-life aspect of baseball. If you drop Piazza to 7th on Opening Day, or in May, or whenever, God knows what happens.

Relax people. I know its New York, and I love it here... but lets give Randolph a chance first. Please. If he makes his rookie mistakes again, I’ll be with you guys and the “Fire Willie” chants. But right now, while the players still like him and play for him, I can live with a tactical error here or there.

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