Monday, December 05, 2011

Goodbye Scumbag Reyes

It was a long time coming: the transaction that would shine the spotlight on how bad the Mets' financial problems really are. Last night Jose Reyes signed a lot-of-years, lot-of-cash contract with the South Beach Talenthoarders, turning our memories of Jose Reyes dancing into a black-and-white, static set of images that engulf in flames as you hear the flick-flick-flick of the reel ending. Sandy Alderson's press conference after the news came out was essentially Sandy Alderson using all of his language skills to find new ways to say "We're broke. We're going to be broke for awhile. Get used to this. Blame Madoff" without flat out saying it. (To say such a thing overtly is to admit what every Mets fan either already knows or already knows but is still in denial about, the latter group the kind to listen to WFAN all day and complain about what they listened to on WFAN all night to the internet. You don't want to get them upset. Let them figure it out on their own.)

But it's true: The New York Metropolitans are going to be a mid-market major league baseball franchise for awhile. After all of this time of us purporting to be an underdog despite having one of the highest payrolls in baseball because we shared a city with that team from the Bronx, we really are now at a disadvantage.

Here are the silver linings: After coming up with what we know as Moneyball, Sandy Alderson will at least be comfortable working with limited financial resources; we don't have to be embarrassed when we complain about how terrible we have it in front of a Kansas City Royals fan; when we finish 72-90 it won't be disappointing.

As far as Mr. Reyes is concerned: I will miss him, of course. He isn't truly a scumbag. I mean, he absolutely IS a scumbag, but then again not really. He IS an assclown for leaving my favorite team after being so good and exciting for eight years. He COULD have signed a contract with the Mets and he would have been able to feed himself and his wife and children for the rest of his life. But, I can't begrudge someone for agreeing to be employed by an organization that wants to pay you more money for more years and can offer no winter whatsoever, if you so choose not to participate in it. And itt's not as if he is throwing away a guaranteed shot at a championship by leaving his old team and joining a team that has no shot, like a certain bearded individual who spells Jason like a douchebag.

Goodbye Jose. I'll miss you.

You rich scumbag.

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