Monday, October 11, 2010

Good Thing It Wasn't Gigantism

"Not EVERYTHING is baseball."
"Yes it is!"

Remember the softball episode of The Simpsons? That is of course a rhetorical question because obviously you have all seen it a million times. Well according to last night's episode of the show, Mike Sciocsia's baseball career wasn't destroyed by the radiation poisoning he got while working at the Springfield Power Plant for one entire week. Who knew?!

(This is Dick Drago's moustache. I've seen better.)

I'm glad Sciocsia is doing well, but personally I would have preferred to see how Steve Sax is doing. Did he find a competent lawyer to get him out of jail for committing every single unsolved crime in New York City? I honestly don't know what he's doing now, so I'll just assume he's still in jail, having his lunch stolen by Snake.

Hulu has the entire episode of "MoneyBART", which has Lisa managing Bart's baseball team and leading them to glory thanks to every eight-year-old girl's best friend, Sabermetrics. Bill James guest stars for about five seconds and Professor Frink defends Zach Greinke's honor. For a baseball and Simpsons nerd like myself, I loved it, even though it was really average at best.

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