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Opening Day Liveblog 2010: Florida Marlins at New York Mets

The best part about the 2010 season for Met fans? It isn't 2009.

Let's do this!

And remember to keep refreshing to keep up. Cool? Cool.

1. LF Chris Coghlan
2. CF Cameron Maybin
3. SS Hanley Ramirez
4. 3B Jorge Cantu
5. 2B Dan Uggla
6. C Ronnie Paulino
7. RF Cody Ross
8. 1B Gaby Sanchez
9. SP Josh Johnson

1. SS Alex Cora
2. 2B Luis Castillo
3. 3B David Wright
4. 1B Mike Jacobs
5. LF Jason Bay
6. CF Gary Matthews Jr.
7. RF Jeff Francoeur
8. C Rod Barajas
9. SP Johan Santana

SNY begins with a 24 rip-off, except instead of Jack Bauer inexplicably saving the world, the 2009 Mets inexplicably keep getting injured, not hitting home runs and hitting into unassisted triple plays. Before the entire audience jumps off a bridge we get clips of Reyes, Beltran, Wright, Francoeur and Bay doing well and them saying they're going to kick butt and take names in 2010.

Keith Hernandez has two cuts on his nose. There's a 43 percent chance it's ketchup.

Darryl Strawberry claims Jenrri Mejia is going to be the next Mariano Rivera. The crowd reacts by chanting "Darrrrryllllll. Darrrrrylllllll. That was a rather hyperbolic thing to say Darrrrryyyyllllll."

The Mets actually have the best Opening Day record in the majors with a 31-17 record. Even more impressive is that they started off 0-8.

John Franco continues to insist to exist without a moustache. Why?

Footage from previous Opening Days show that David Wright homered last year at the first Citi Field game. I so didn't remember that. I DO remember when he didn't hit a home run in all of April 2008. That says a lot about me doesn't it?

The Mets are being introduced by Howie Rose. The cream colored pinstripe uniforms are perty.

Are you lost little kid?

Charlie Samuels got a big cheer, which humored the crap out of Charlie Samuels. According to Twitter the medical staff got booed. Strangely you didn't hear those on SNY. Jason Bay got a standing ovation. Gary Cohen described it as a "decidedly weary reception." Yeah well...

Hey there Young Ol' Salty.


I think there was supposed to be a flyover but it never happened. There was two minutes of dead air. Way to go everybody, have an ice cream sandwich. Darrrrylll threw out the first pitch to Howard Johnson. Ron Darling comments he wish he wasn't so old and wants to play today. Sad! Okay first pitch is definitely soonish.

Jeff Francoeur sometimes talks with the enthusiasm and nuance of a first grader. It's endearing when he plays well, annoying when he doesn't. Just now he was gushing about how great Opening Day was.

Marlins 1st

The first pitch is a strike to Coghlan. Keith claims he's never seen a more beautiful Opening Day and it's true, it's 70 degrees. Coghlan pops out to Wright. Maybin strikes out on a low change-up. Hanley Ramirez on a 2-0 pitch flies to right. 1-2-3 piece of cake.

Mets 1st

Subway now serves breakfast. Their commercials do not feature a jingle so I don't know what to think of it. Alex Cora leads off and apologizes for not being Jose Reyes. Josh Johnson hits Cora on the ankle on a 1-2 slider. Cora didn't try at all to move. Castillo hits a double play grounder but he beats out the throw. 1 out. David "Do you know a good vet because I have these sick pythons" Wright is up. Two run home run to right. Dammit Wright, I told you to stop hitting balls to the opposite field! Mike Jacobs looks bad striking out. The new guy is up.

Jason Bay singles to left. What a great acquisition! Matthews Jr pops up to the catcher. 2-0 Mets

Marlins 2nd

Roy Halladay has already given up a run against the Nationals. We laugh at this. Pujols has already homered, because he wants to be like David Wright. Cantu pops up to Barajas behind the plate. Dan Uggla grounds out to Wright, who used a sidearm throw for some reason. Ronny Paulino is up. I can see his name progressive from Ronny to Ronnie to Ron to Ronald as his career, age and maturity progress. Ronald flies out to Matthews in left center. 2-0 Mets

Mets 2nd
Jeff Francoeur actually worked a full count before grounding out to Cantu. The booth mentions again how beautiful of a day it is; Keith doesn't even need a coat!

 Barajas flied out to center. Johan grounds out to first. 2-0 Mets

Marlins 3rd
Cody Ross grounds out to Cora, who made a good play getting the ball in the hole and adjusting after he slipped a bit. A-Cor! Kevin Burkhardt's first report of the season is him talking about better clubhouse chemistry this year. Of course they show Francoeur during this. Bay has a "dry, sarcastic sense of humor" and would "fit perfectly in New York." Yeah, sure he will. Does team chemistry matter Keith? Keith mentions how the A's in the 70's hated each other and kicked ass anyway, but sure, it matters. Gaby Sanchez has made Johan throw ten pitches so far in this at-bat. Sanchez singles up the middle. No no-hitter. Duh. Josh Johnson sacrifices Sanchez over to second for the second out. SNY outlines the Citi Field changes, including putting the old home run apple outside of the stadium and giving relievers the opportunity to actually watch the game from the bullpen. Coghlan popped up to Jacobs in foul ground. Easy peasy. 2-0 Mets

Mets 3rd
Top of the lineup with Alex "Not Jose Reyes" Cora. Cora lines it to the ballboy, who Gary Cohen claims is rocking a shorter haircut this year. John Franco is enjoying the game with some wine. Cora grounds out. The mayor is at the game, provoking Keith to say, "There is the mayor, he has a lot of problems to deal with right now." Castillo walks. Castillo steals second. He stole twenty bases last year I'm told. Twenty bases and one dropped pop up. Wright making Johnson work a bit. Cleon Jones, Bobby Bonilla and Robin Ventura are the only three Mets to hit two home runs on Opening Day. Keith knew he wasn't one of those three. Wright walks. Everyone in the ballpark is sensing a double play with Mike Jacobs up. Jacobs proves us all wrong by striking out. Jason "Canadian Humor" Bay also working the count, look at us working the count like professionals! Bay swung and missed at a 3-2 breaking ball. 2-0 Mets

Marlins 4th
Halladay seems to have calmed down and the Phillies are winning 3-1. Oh well. Maybin whiffs at a change-up.

Hanley singles to center. Alex Cora was playing Ramirez to pull and wasn't in the regular shortstop position to get the ball. "Sometimes you out-think yourself," Darling explains. Ramirez guesses right and steals second off an off-speed pitch. Keith's mic is a bit too loud. Cantu fouls off a bunch of full count pitches. I wish SNY had a pitch count graphic up at all times like YES apparently is doing this season. I want to be a pitching coach! On the 11th pitch Cantu walks off a slider. 1st and 2nd 1 out for Uggla. Santana is at 63 pitches. Dan Warthen is coming out to the mound to give Johan a breather. Uggla flies to center. Matthews stumbled a few feet backward after running far to catch it, helping Hanley and Cantu to tag up. 2nd and 3rd, 2 out, Ronny Paulino up. Matthews staggers again to catch Paulino's fly. He has to knock that off. Like now. Mets 2-0

Mets 4th
Gary Matthews Jr., who is reminding me of Roger Cedeno in a bad way, singles to right. Wild pitch by Josh Johnson, GMJ to second. Francoeur walks. I repeat: Francoeur walks. Johnson earns a trip to the mound for that. Impressive so far for Jeffrey, laying off pitches he definitely would hack at in the past. Barajas hits a high fly that lands between the shortstop and the center fielder. Bases loaded nobody out. A breeze is kicking up now, it's becoming not the easiest of days in the outfield. Johan's at-bat music is Michael Jackson's "Black or White". Interesting. He flies to short left field, one out. Cora lines right to Hanley who touches second for a double play. Son of a bitch. Mets 2-0

Marlins 5th
Francoeur is Failcoeur as he is unable to kick the season's first beach ball off the field.

Cody Ross is a good boy who swings and pops out to Castillo on the first pitch. Gaby Sanchez continues to be annoying and keeps fouling off two strike pitches. Gabs flies out to beach ball alley in right. Josh Johnson looks at strike three. Johan at 82 pitches. Mets 2-0

Mets 5th
Castillo grounds out to short. Wright lined to third. Keith says that Ron Darling said he thinks Wright will have a great year. Why didn't Ron say that himself? Jacobs doesn't strike out, he breaks his bat popping up to second. Mets 2-0

Marlins 6th
Top of the lineup again for Florida. Coghlan singles to center. Uh oh. Maybin with two strikes squares to bunt for some reason. Maybin strikes out for the third time on a change. Maybin is responsible for three of Johan's four K's. "That'll get you walking the streets of Broadway on your off day tomorrow," Darling says about Maybin. Uh, word. Coghlan steals second, Barajas lost the handle of the ball as he was about to throw the ball. Hanley strikes out. Fifth K! 2 outs. Nieve warming up in the bullpen. Cantu doubles to left, Bay made a great throw to second but Cantu just got to the base before Castillo swiped him. 2-1 Mets.

Uggla thought he got a walk off the 3-1 pitch but he was wrong. Dead wrong! Well not dead wrong. Uggla walks on the next pitch. Five of those six pitches were change-ups, Johan is now over 100 pitches. Keith wants Santana to not just finish this inning but to go through the seventh, considering the Mets have a day off tomorrow and he'd have an extra day of rest. Chickens, counting...Paulino flies to deep center field. 2-1 Mets.

Mets 6th
Jason Bay doubles to left center. He's going for third. He got a triple! Long live Jason Bay! Canuck speed!

Matthews walks. Josh Johnson thanks for playing. Clay Hensley pitching now. 1st and 3rd nobody out for the beach ball kicking newly patient Jeff Francoeur. He swings at the first pitch (inside fastball) but thankfully it reaches the seats before the catcher could get it. Jeff hits a sac fly to center scoring Jason "Wheels" Bay. 3-1 Mets. Barajas is up, Angel Pagan is on deck for Johan. Hensley makes a bad pick-up throw and Matthews gets to second. Barajas doubles over Maybin's head in center scoring Matthews. Mets 4-1. The pitch was a fastball "right down Broadway". Pagan singles to center, Barajas scores. 5-1 Mets. Awwwww yeahhhh. Considering the bullpen is coming in next I'm not comfortable at all. Lefty Dan Meyer in to pitch to Cora. 1 out runner on 1st. Another bad pick-off throw, Pagan ends up at third because he was trying to steal second and got a head start. Pagan gets credit for the stolen base. Suicide squeeze attempt! But Cora bunted it foul. Applause from the crowd for trying. Cora grounded out to short, Pagan scores. Mets 6-1. Castillo reaches on first baseman Gaby Sanchez's error. Bad inning for him. Is he trying out for the Mets? Wright flied out to left. Mets 6-1

Marlins 7th
Happy 25th Birthday Lastings Milledge! Fernando Nieve into pitch, gets Cody Ross to ground out to short. Apparently in the new Mets hall of fame at Citi they have stuff like Darryl Strawberry's original scouting report and the original Mr. Met, which looked awful. Something like this actually:

Gaby Sanchez doubled to left. Mike Lamb pinch hitting for Dan Meyer. Lamb walked away sheepishly, haha (copyright Liz). Anyway he flies out. Shawn Marcum is throwing a no-hitter through six for the Blue Jays in Texas, according to my ESPN alert. Nieve strikes out Coghlan. Lazy Mary time!

Mets 7th
Tom Seaver and Bud Harrelson are the two players who hold the franchise record for most starts on Opening Day with 11. Tim Wood now pitching for the Marlins. Ron Darling couldn't help himself and referred to him as "Mr. Wood". Jacobs breaks his bat, again, and grounds out. Again. Mr. Wood shattered wood. Wheels Bay apparently wears 44 in honor of Eric Davis. Keith wonders if he's getting old. Well yeah. Bay almostttt got an infield hit but Ramirez gunned him out. Keith says Bay is "deceptively quick". A bunch of bloggers who recited Jason's UZR ratings all winter long just took a chug of beer. Matthews doubles off the left field wall. Francoeur's ball lands in front of Maybin in center, Matthews scores, Francoeur to second. Rough defensive day for the fishies. Mets 7-1. By the way this inning is being sponsored apparently by Dick Van Patten's Natural Balance Pet Food. Seriously? I'm sure someone will make an Eight is Enough pun. Nope, they're talking about Warren Zevon. Barajas strikes out. Mets 7-1

Marlins 8th
Marcum lost the no-hitter and the lead. Whoops. Fernando Tatis now at first base, Nieve still pitching. Maybin doesn't strike out, he merely grounds out to short. Good for him. Wright tries to make a nice bare-handed play on a grounder to third. Hanley is safe at first, and Tatis, the defensive replacement couldn't scoop it and Ramirez makes second. Cantu flies to center. SNY doesn't like us being happy, so they show us the bullpen roster.

Two outs runner on third for Uggla. Uggs strikes out looking at a pretty Nieve slider. Mets 7-1

Mets 8th
Marc Bulger was just released by the Rams and The Marriage Ref got renewed. Weird minute. Frank Catalanatto was announced as the pinch hitter, but as his awesomely awful at-bat music blared Fredi Gonzalez called on lefty Renyel Pinto to pitch. Frank stays in. He's 35 years old but looks 15. Born, raised and still lives in Smithtown, Long Island. This was only mentioned twelve times so far. The jerk strikes out. Cora flies to right. Gary Cohen mentions the Mets only had two opposite field home runs at Citi Field all year last year, and one of them was a Pagan inside-the-parker. So good for Popeye armed Wright. Maybe he can get some ladies now. Castillo grounds to second. Mets 7-1.

Marlins 9th
K-Rod in to pitch. Paulino grounds out to short. Cody Ross flies to center and Matthews continues to look unsure every single time. It's windier than usual but please sir, knock it off. Gaby Sanchez flies to Matthews, who didn't look dumb that time. Oh man and he's wearing Roger Cedeno's jersey number too. Oh by the way the Mets win! Mets win! Put it in the books! And you win for joining us today.

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