Thursday, April 15, 2010


This is probably not even "news", but Keith Hernandez said something you don't usually hear professional broadcasters say last night. Brian caught the incident, but doesn't own a DVR device. Fortunately, @jimmytraina does.

"She was sitting down at the square and I had to just sit down across from her and for two minutes just stare at her."

Such faux pas of basic television etiquette and verbal idiosyncrasies are fortunately kept for posterity on Twitter. Searching for #keithism on Twitter (hat tip to Andrew Vazzano's Ropolitans website for coming up with the concept) came up with these quotes from the mustached wonder from just last night's game alone:

"So jealous of those Met road uniforms. We had those stinky ones when we played."
"You gotta give the guy the fudge."
"It's cold, it's late in the game, anything close is going to be el strikeroni."
"What makes me so special? I'm just your average everyday guy?"

Oh but you're not Mr. Hernandez. You are not.

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