Friday, March 26, 2010

Thank You Wikipedia: The Most Interesting Facts About the Mets

Wikipedia is great isn't it? Here are the most interesting facts I found about members of the New York Mets while doing my daily wikisurfing.

Jose Reyes received his call-up to the majors, just days before his 20th birthday, only after Rey Sanchez strained his thumb.

In May 2007, Vitamin Water was sold to the Coca-Cola Corporation for $4.1 billion. As part of his endorsement deal, David Wright was given 0.5% of the company, and took home $20 million.

And there was that time in 2006 when Wright appeared on MTV's Total Request Live with Cliff Floyd. Those were the days right?

Jason Bay debuted with the Padres on May 23, 2003, getting his first major league hit, a home run, in the 9th inning. Two days later, he suffered a broken right wrist after a hit by pitch. Success leads to punishment, always. Enjoy your complex.

Jason Bay was part of a multi-player deal in a Padres-Pirates swap in 2003. One of the players he was traded with was Oliver Perez. Yes, THAT Oliver Perez.

One of Bay's groomsmen was Grady Sizemore.Yes, THAT Grady Sizemore.

In his youth, Carlos Beltrán excelled in many sports, with volleyball and baseball being his favorites. At his father's urging, he gave up volleyball to concentrate on baseball when he was seventeen.

Jeff Francoeur's father is a retired teacher. Francoeur's mother is a retired teacher. Jeff's sister Heather used to teach English and coach the girls' basketball team. Jeff's brother David teaches math. Francoeur has said that his profession of choice (were he not a baseball player) would be coaching high school football. I mean, teaching football?

Johan Santana was originally a center fielder.

Due to Santana's early major-league success a young minor-league pitcher in the Anaheim Angels' farm system also named Johan Santana changed his name to Ervin Santana in 2003. No, not THAT Ervin Santana. I'm talking about the Angels pitcher.

Mike Pelfrey suffers from TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) Disorder after being hit by a ball in college. Pelfrey stopped using a mouthpiece in early 2008, and then went on to pitch dominantly in June, July, and August. Ron Darling said that perhaps Mike was pitching better in part because he had stopped using the mouthpiece, which may have been a distraction.

Big Pelf was one of the victims of the $8 billion dollar fraud perpetrated by wealth manager Allen Stanford. Pelfrey estimated that 99% of his assets were frozen after the fraud was revealed.

In 2000, while still in college, John Maine pitched for the Bethesda Big Train, a summer collegiate baseball team located a few miles outside of Washington D.C.His nickname was "The Cabooze". That's a lie that could possibly be true.

The Pirates were forced to place Oliver Perez on the disabled list on June 29,2005 after he broke his toe kicking a cart following a loss to St. Louis.

Pérez opened the Pirates' 2006 season as the number one starter. On June 27, Pérez was sent to the Pirates bullpen after struggling through the first half of the season with an ERA over 6.00. On June 29, he was sent to the Triple-A Indianapolis Indians, with Tom Gorzelanny being called up to replace him in the starting rotation. He was traded to the Mets on July 31st.

Jonathon Niese was born in Lima, Ohio on October 27, 1986, the day the Mets won Game 7 of the World Series.

Niese was brought up in Defiance, Ohio where he attended Defiance High School. Their school song was epic.

In Little League (and later in high school), Niese was a teammate of Los Angeles Dodger starting pitcher Chad Billingsley.

Francisco Rodriguez is a practitioner of the Santería religion. Santería is a syncretic religion of West African and Caribbean origin. Syncretism is the attempt to reconcile disparate or contrary beliefs, often while melding practices of various schools of thought. The term literally means "growing together.

Sean Green grew up in east Louisville, Kentucky, in the Fincastle community, where, Wikipedia insisted on us knowing, he played "Tennie Ball" (baseball on concrete with a tennis ball and softball bat) on the neighborhood streets with his older brother Matthew and all the neighborhood kids.

Nelson Figueroa was originally traded by the Mets along with outfielder/"Men In Black" star Bernard Gilkey to the Arizona Diamondbacks in 1998 for Jorge Fábregas, Willie Blair and cash considerations.Cash considerations is a weird name.

Figgy graduated from Lincoln High School, Mark Twain Intermediate School 239, and Public School 188, the Michael E. Berdy School for the Gifted and Talented in Brooklyn, New York.

He is also an artist who helped design patriotic t-shirts for Major League Baseball in the aftermath of 9/11. The shirts were sold to raise money for charity.

And last but not least, Nelson Figueroa apparently has a skill with electronics that former manager Jerry Royster called "just amazing."

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vtmet said...

I realize that this blog entry is a few days old...but as far as the factoid that "Johan Santana was originally a centerfielder"...that is not entirely correct, Santana was originally a "RIGHT" handed shortstop (I think that it had something to do with his dad being a shortstop & he used his dad's shortstop glove in Little League)...he wasn't a centerfielder until a few years later when they figured out that he was really a lefty...