Tuesday, March 02, 2010

LiveBlog: Spring Training Game 1: Mets 4, Braves 2

Baseball, baseball, BASEBALL!

Liveblog baseball!

Here is today's starting lineup:

1. Jesus Feliciano – LF
2. Ruben Tejada – SS
3. Gary Matthews Jr. – CF
4. Mike Jacobs – DH
5. Mike Hessman – 3B
6. Ike Davis – 1B
7. Chris Coste – C
8. Jason Pridie – RF
9. Luis Hernandez – 2B
Nelson Figueroa - SP

Oh...well that's...nice. Apparently rain was in the forecast in Pt. St. Lucie so all of the starters were left to their hotel rooms to not catch pneumonia. Better safe than sorry! Prevention and Recovery this year!

SNY opens with talking about Jason Bay and a fully healthy Johan Santana. Ron Darling talks about Oliver Perez needing to "justify" that contract.

Top of the First
Nelso Figueroa throws the first pitch four minutes early! SNY caught looking like a fool with their pants on the ground. First pitch Nate McLouth hits it right at Figgy. One out. Martin Prado hits it hard but right to Feliciano in left. Future hall of famer Jason Heyward actually takes a few pitches and walks. Heyward had 26 steals in the minors last season. Figueroa throws a breaking ball in the dirt, Coste has some trouble and Heyward is now on second. Magic! Brian McCann up. Jose Reyes looks like Lil' Wayne today. Gary Cohen just said the Mets were a bit "overly cautious" with not starting the regulars. He then mentions the "Prevention and Recovery" thing. Full count on McCann. Justtttt misssseddd on strike three down and in. Yunel Escobar up. This game isn't in HD by the way. Boo. Escobar flies out to Sarge Jr. in right center. Atlanta 0, Mets 0

Bottom of the First

Tommy Hanson on the mound, now with beard. Gary Cohen says he should have been rookie of the year last year. Suck it Chris Coghlan! Feliciano gets a single up the middle. Jesus Feliciano was in AAA last year but never got called up. So was he the only one? Ruben Tejada strikes out as Feliciano steals second. The crew talk about Bobby Cox claiming he is still going to be "feisty" going into his final season. But he hasn't argued at an umpire yet! Gary Matthews Jr. is wearing Roger Cedeno's number. Uh oh. He strikes out and Angel Pagan does a jig. I'm assuming. Mike Jacobs up. Looks like he gained a little weight/muscle since 2005 but kept the batting stance. Cohen referring to the game as "the first official unofficial game" elicits chuckles from Ron and Keith. "The two out RBI is the toughest one," says Keith. "Big D" Darryl Strawberry is in the dugout as an instructor for the week apparently. Jacobs flies out to McLouth. Atlanta 0, Mets 0

Top of the Second

Hey it's Melky Cabrera. Hey it's Kevin Burkhardt talking to Jose Reyes. Reyes talks about his triple from the intrasquad game yesterday. He says he held a little back running because it was just the first game. Hope that's true. Melky singles to left. There goes the no-hitter. Eric Hinske up. He hits it up the middle and off Luis Hernandez's glove, everyone safe. Reyes missed baseball. We already knew that. "Can you be better in certain areas?" "Who knows?" Omar Infante strikes out. I think Jose says "Thanks Bobby" to Burkhardt when the interview ends. Another strike out for Figgy. Keith has no problem with Reyes hitting in third. Twitter informs he called Keith "Papi". That makes a lot more sense. McLouth went around on strike three. Figgy strikes out the side after letting the first two runners on!Your reward is Elmer Dessens to take over in the next inning! Braves 0, Mets 0

Bottom of the Second

The SNY cameras are focused on a girl having candy and "soda pop". No more of that for Keith apparently! Keith looks like he got a little thinner over the offseason, good for him! Mike Nessman, or as Gary Cohen calls him, "Crash Davis", lines out. Ike Davis comes out to the Addams Family theme. What a freak! Ron and Keith talk about how the players they played with now have sons in the majors. Davis strikes out on three pitches. Joe Niekro is happy his son Lance is a hitter because he can "play everyday". Cohen points out John Olerud was the last left-handed Met first baseman, which is kind of weird. Chris "I'll always be a Phillie" Coste is up. Keith Hernandez wishes his gold gloves were made of actual gold. Coste grounds out weakly and Phillie-like to second. There's a tiki bar! Hmm. Braves 0, Mets 0

Top of the Third

Elmer Dessens pitching, Martin Prado batting. I just got an ESPN alert saying "Carlos Beltran was contacted by investigators regarding doctor accused of selling PEDs". Like Reyes? Why didn't Burkhardt Papi ask Reyes that? Prado singles to right. Heyward smacks it to right, Prado to third. Heyward looks a little like Fred McGriff to me. Keith compliments Heyward's "top hand". McCann hits it right at Dessens, who throws him out at first. Prado scores, Heyward to second. Our first injury! Dessens leaves the game. Sweet. Bobby Livingston, a lefty will now pitch. Dessens basically got hit right on the knee, it doesn't look super serious. Burkhardt talks about "Prevention and Recovery". The Mets have toned down the strenuous physical activity. "They felt, after overlooking everything, that maybe they were pushing (the players) too hard." On the first pitch from Livingston Heyward steals third. What a punkass kid! Escobar strikes out. Melky ends the inning. Braves 1, Mets 0

Bottom of the Third

Kris Medlen pitching. Jason Pirdie grounds out to Hinske, flipping over to the pitcher. Luis Hernandez flies out to left. Jesus Feliciano is up. Keith's first jersey number in his first spring training was 57. Ron Darling's was 52. Feliciano gets another hit, he has the only two hits for the team today. Keith informs us it's going to snow in New York later. Thanks, Keith. The gang talk about how good some NL East pitching prospects are. Tejada flies out to left. Braves 1, Mets 0

Top of the Fourth
Eric Hinske up. We see a picture of his completely tattooed back. Cost him five grand and took over two years. Keith mentions Ray Bradbury's "The Illustrated Man". Ron says his father got a tattoo he always regretting, but his brothers all have tats. Not Ron. Hinske walks. Omar Infante up. They talk about Chipper Jones saying he'd leave $30 million on the table if his upcoming season wasn't as good as his previous season. Infante strikes out. Keith talks about prideful athletes and Gary mentions that most of the time athletes don't just walk away. Mitch Jones reaches on a 6-4-3 fielder's choice. McLouth up. Livingston apparently does everything right handed except pitch. McLouth strikes out, so I guess it's working for him. Braves 1, Mets 0

Bottom of the Fourth
Clint Simmons now catching, Matt Young in left and Melky moves to center for the Braves. Gary Matthews J. grounds to first. Jacobs grounds out to second. The booth talks about the coaching changes, notably the lack of Alomars. Keith claims he's seen the coaches yelling at players and that's the new tone. Good! Keith agrees with me! A gold glover agrees with me sweet. "Jerry can sit down there and be the good cop." Nessman strikes out. Braves 1, Mets 0

Top of the Fifth
Martin Prado up. He softly lines right to Livingston. The crew mentions how well he's doing. They show clips of 1968 spring training. Heyward gets a single. Of course he does. Clint Sammonds now. Bobby Parnell warming in the bullpen. Sammonds with the wiffffff. We hear the Mike Jacobs 2005 story where he got an opportunity because the Expos were blowing the Mets out and he hit a pinch-hit home run. Heyward goes to second on the third wild pitch of the afternoon for New York. Escobar grounds out to third. Livingston with 2 1/3 innings of qualitynessnessness. Braves 1, Mets 0

Bottom of the Fifth
Jesse Chavez now pitching. Brandon Hicks now at short. Second base and left field are different too but I didn't catch their names. I'm sorry! Double for Ike Davis! The crowd comes alive! Chris Coste lines it right off the glove of Hicks and he's safe at first. Burkhardt interviews Rod Barajas. He is boring. Pridie singles to right and Ike Davis slides underneath Sammonds' tag at home. Coste to second. Luis Hernandez keeps squaring up to bunt for some reason. He walks. Not too impressive for Jesse Chavez. Bases loaded nobody out, Jesus "hitting machine" Feliciano smacks a sac fly to center. Coste scores and the Mets take the lead. Yayyyyyyy! Ruben Tejada singles to right, Pridie scores. Hey what's with these opposite field hits?! I thought that was doneso! Leave it to Matthews Jr. to ground into a 6-4-3 DP to end the inning. Mets 3, Braves 1

Top of the Sixth
Bobby P on the mound. Melky strikes out. Apparently Keith and Ron yelled at Papelbon when he did his screaming routine last May 23rd at Fenway. Hinske flies to left field. Infante hits it to Ruben Tejada in the hole and he throws it wayyyyy too high. Keith makes a NASA joke. The field gives Infante a hit which is rather generous. There's a wind now and Ike Davis wasn't even close to getting a foul ball. The booth is making fun of director Bill Webb for thinking he knows what the wind is like from the safety of the production truck. They mention someone is a "Syracuse kid" on staff, Ron mentions he dropped out. They're getting quite giggly at this point. Keith was going to go to the University of California but he never matriculated. Gary mentions that Keith would have fit right in at Berkeley. Jones flies out to right. Mets 3, Braves 1

Bottom of the Sixth
Nick Evans pinch hitting, lefty Mike Dunn pitching. Evans hit .211 in Buffalo last year. Nick the Stick draws a walk and the PA blasts "Free Ride". Hessman flies to left. Ike Davis pokes a single to left. Shawn Riggans, who came in to play the field earlier is batting. Keith likes Ike's batting motion. Sweet! He won gold gloves you know. Riggans hits into the Matthews Jr. special. Mets 3, Braves 1

Top of the Seventh
Matt Young now hitting for Atlanta, Bobby P still on the mound. Gary and Ron discuss the awful US/Canada hockey game that occurred over the weekend. Young lines it right to new third baseman Shawn Bowman. Brooks Conrad, which is an awesome name, walks. Brent Clevlen grounds out, Conrad to second. Sammonds doubles to center, scoring Conrad and it's 3-2 now. Sammonds worked hard to get to second. Brandon Hicks up. Brandon Hicks down via strikeout. Mets 3, Braves 2

Bottom of the Seventh
Manny Acosta pitching. Jason Pridie strikes out. Cohen says Mejia has "legitimately electric stuff." Thank god he didn't say literally. Luis Hernandez flies to left. Keith confuses "impetus" with "clod". Jesus Feliciano, 2 for 2 on the day, draws a walk. Nancy Sinatra's "These Boots Are Made For Walking" immediately gets played. 20-year-old Ruben Tejada is up, but Feliciano is caught stealing off a pick-off. Feliciano was safe at second but the umpire wants to go home. Feliciano smiles, knowing what just happened. That kind of sucks though. Mets 3, Braves 2

Top of the Eighth
Pedro Feliciano time. It's getting windier up in this. Cody Johnson strikes out. Keith says he knows for a fact that mustaches have hits in them. Freddie Freeman, another brilliant name, is up. He strikes out. The Braves for some reason let another lefty bat against Feliciano, who promptly lines out to short. Feliciano forever. Nono...perpetually Pedro. Yeah that works. Mets 3, Braves 2

Bottom of the Eighth
Chris Resop pitching. Russ Adams is up and it's Kevin Burkhardt's birthday! 36 years old. "Thanks fellas!" Keith says they'll have fun tonight. Adams knocks the crap out of the ball for the first home run of the season! I'm so excited I miss the next out. Igarashi is warming up in the bullpen. Chris Carter is batting. Carter grounds out to the pitcher. Shawn Bowman, who was in AA all of last year is batting. Bowman would be the sixth Canadian player on the Mets if he makes the club. They haven't had a Canadian since 1972! I guess Bay would change that. The Canuck flies out to right. Mets 4, Braves 2

Top of the Ninth
Igarashi pitching. Lot of cameramen suddenly behind the plate during warm-ups. Mitch Jones flies to center. Matt Young walks off a full count. Gary and Ron talk about how glad they are that Keith decided to come back. What else would he do? He says he's too lazy to make wine like Tom Seaver did when he was finished broadcasting. Brooks Conrad reaches on a 4-6 fielder's choice. One more out! That was A-Hern at second by the way. Brent Clevlen up. He flies to center. METS WIN! "Celebrate" plays. Undefeated baby. Mets 4, Braves 2

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Suzanne Vara said...

I obviously did not get the memo of the live blogging during the game. I like it. The grand slam was nice at the end and Green's rats nest nasty facial hair is gone which is also nice. His pitching in the 8th ... not so nice.