Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Messing With America's Youth

Not that bad timing is really newsworthy for the Mets or anything, but I found today's news to be pretty interesting.

News item #1: Keith Hernandez hands down the first base knowledge to Daniel Murphy down in Pt. St. Lucie.

Fair enough; Mex was a great defensive first baseman and knows what he's talking about. The question is how much wine did the boys have afterwards? I bet Keith made a joke like, "You sure you old enough Mr. Murphy?" before they were served their first glass.


News item #2: Mets sign Mike Jacobs

Yay Mike Jacobs! I always liked him and was a little sad to see him go. Of course, Carlos Delgado came back the other way. That helped with the depression.

Since it's a minor league deal, it's minimal risk and a good signing. But he's a first baseman who actually had an everyday gig on a major league team last season (even if it was the Kansas City Royals). Fortunately for Murphy, Jacobs hit .228 last season and is only going to be a non-roster invitee. But the timing of this signing is awfully curious.

By the way, Jacobs' jersey number has been 17 throughout his career. You know, Keith Hernandez's number.

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