Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Who Is This Guy?: Gary Matthews Jr.

On today's installment we're going to lay down some knowledge on the newest member of the New York Mets, Gary Nathaniel Matthews Junior.


- was born on August 25, 1974 in San Francisco, California. Virgos are known for their perfectionism and their highly analytical minds.

- drafted by the San Diego Padres in the 13th round of the 1993 Amateur Draft.

- made his debut on June 4, 1999 for the Pads.

- went on to play for the Cubs, Pirates, Orioles, Padres, Rangers and Angels.

- had in fact been a member of the Mets back in 2002. He played in two games, going 0 for 1 at the plate. (-100 OPS+)

- was originally acquired by the Mets via purchase from the Pirates on December 28, 2001, only to be traded on April 3, 2002 to the Orioles for John Bale. Only to then be released and find his way back to play those two aforementioned games.

- made $237,500 in 2002.

- will make $11,750,000 this season.

 - is known for his great 2006 season, capped by the amazing catch he made. The Best Damn Sports Show Period named it the number one defensive play in MLB history. However, in a recent MLB Network countdown of the best catches made by a Center Fielder in history, the catch was ranked seventh.

- hit for a "natural cycle" on September 13, 2006 against the Tigers by hitting a single for his first hit, a double for his second, a triple for his third, and a home run for his fourth.

- had a .708 OPS in his last three seasons.

- was the last hitter of the Angels 2009 season, striking out against Mariano Rivera to end game six of the 2009 American League Championship Series.

- is a second generation ballplayer. His father Gary Matthews was an outfielder who played for sixteen seasons. He was the 1973 NL Rookie of the Year with the Giants, a 1979 All-Star on the Atlanta Braves and was the recipient of the 1983 NLCS MVP award with the Philadelphia Phillies.

- Matthews Senior is currently a Phillies broadcaster, whose home run call is "Cadillac Time! See you later!" During a July 2009 broadcast he claimed Shane Victorino's home country was Hawaii. Is nicknamed "The Sarge", despite having no official ties to any form of law enforcement. He tweeted "BAHAHA... No comment." immediately following his son's trade to the Mets.


Rob A from BBD said...

How could you possibly leave out the fact that he was on the Mitchell Report for using HGH?

Ever since he was outed he's been aweful.

Roger said...

I was going for more esoteric information.

Suzanne Vara said...

Geez, it is bad when your own parent mocks you on what team you are on. Anyway, recap of his career to if he does not perform to our expectations we can talk about his past.