Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Curse of Kevin Burkhardt

Mike Pelfrey's optimism can shove it; Carlos Beltran is out for 8-12 weeks after getting surgery. And if you read Dr. MetsToday's detailed perspective on the situation, he's probably going to be injured for a lot longer than that. 2010 is starting to look like 2009. As Joey Ramone sang, "Second verse, same as the first."

Perhaps I'm being myopic and pessimistic. On the other hand, it's obvious Citi Field is cursed. A cat was prancing around David Wright on Citi Field's opening night, much like a cat cursed the '69 Cubs. Don't buy that? What about the fact that Phillies jerseys are buried beneath the ballpark.

You make a good point imaginary reader; granted the Mets have been bitten by the injury bug and sapped of most of its blood exclusively in 2009 while clearly there has been bad mojo floating around since 2007, when the team was still playing at Shea. Well if you want to play that game I would like to bring up the fact that 2007 was the year one Kevin Burkhardt joined the SNY staff. For reasons we do not know to this day Chris Cotter was taken off of sideline commentator duty and replaced by this menace. I know I know, he's a likable guy, but clearly he has brought nothing but misery.

I'm being irrational and in my fear of another lost season I am trying to find a carbon-based life form to direct my frustrations. I'm just really upset (but not surprised, which makes me even more upset) that our all-star center fielder is on the shelf indefinitely. Angel Pagan wasn't too bad in limited playing time last season; he DID have 11 triples in 88 games. But you know, there's another guy out there who I know for a fact is looking for an employer. And as you can see below, he's pretty fierce on the diamond.


Suzanne Vara said...

are we really hitting the Keith curse? Yes Beltran having surgery with a 8-12 recovery is not great but he does not pitch for us which we desperately need. CB surgery is not great news but 1 player does not make a team ... but then again there is bret favre and the media tend to think so.

darknova306 said...

The day I bought my new car in 2007 the Mets were up 7 games with 17 to play. I took my Mets license plate holders off my Hyundai and put them in my closet, declaring that I would put them on the new car after the season ended, in hopes it would be to commemorate a WS birth/victory. They're still in a closet because of how 2007 ended.

Maybe I'm the curse....

Anonymous said...

Your curse of Kevin Burkhardt is my curse of Chris Cotter.