Sunday, December 06, 2009

A Week In The Life Of A Masochist

All the way back in 2002, the New England Patriots shocked the world by defeating the heavily favored St. Louis Rams in the Super Bowl. Sports writers like Peter King credited their success by their unique off-season strategy of signing a slew of average-priced under-the-radar veterans - instead of going for two or three big names and filling out the remainder of the roster - and molding them into their system.

Unfortunately for the Mets, they don't play football.

And they overpaid for average talent.

With the Winter Meetings yet to begin. For more on this week in New York Mets transactions, read on...

Last week Alex Cora was signed to return to the team. "Cool!" I thought. "Cora was a nice average player with a good head on his shoulders; he even played with a broken thumb for awhile. Sure he only hit .251 with only one home run, but yeah, let's sign the 34-year-old back up for another year. How much did he make last year? 2 million dollars? Wow that's...a little too much actually. Maybe we can 'low-ball' him and see if he takes the deal. It's not like many other teams are going to look at him to begin with. Patience is the.."

As was rumored earlier in the day, Cora agreed on Monday to a one-year deal worth $2 million with a vesting option for a second year with the Mets, the Associated Press reports. (Nov 30)

Oh well. That vesting option by the way kicks in if he starts 80+ games in 2010. If A-Cor is starting half of next year's games, it's going to be another long season. And the team is out another two million. Kind of masochistic no?

The New York Mets today announced that they have signed catcher/first baseman Chris Coste to a one-year contract and have added him to the 40-man roster.

This seemed rather innocuous, but that's only because we never found out how much this deal was worth. (Right?) With Brian Schneider signing with the Phillies (shmuck) this seemed to mean that the 36-year-old would be around to tutor Josh Thole and be an influence on Omir Santos, who after all was only a rookie last year. Yep, no problems here...

"It was the Mets,” Coste told CSN. “It’s the last team I ever saw myself playing for. I knew I was going to accept it, but had to think about it for a few days.”

“I will always be a Phillie,” Coste told CSN this evening."

Oh COME ON! You know Chris, if you think you'll hate it here that much, nobody's putting a gun to your head. This isn't as bad as the time Tom Glavine pulled a Tim Tebow and called Braves GM John Schuerholtz crying because he had just signed with the Mets, claiming he made a "mistake" by not returning to Atlanta, but seriously, how can you say something like that? Does Coste simply not know of the existence of the internet? Very strange. At least SOME players are Met fans...

Reliever Billy Wagner and the Braves agreed Wednesday to a $7 million, one-year contract.

Calling himself a lifelong Braves fan who grew up watching the team on TBS, Wagner said it’s always been his goal to pitch for Atlanta.

Seriously, does anybody WANT to be a Met? There HAS to be right? But okay, I'll give Wagner credit for sparing our feelings and letting us know he never loved us until AFTER he left. I know that sounds like I'm being sarcastic, but I actually have always assumed some of the people who claim they were happy with me turned out to always want to be with someone else, so I'm not surprised. Asshole.

(It should be noted that when doing a little research, I discovered that Wagner didn't do any worse pitching on the Mets against his beloved Braves compared to pitching against any other team. In other words, he's a terrific phony and the last three years have been a lie.)

The Mets finalized a one-year, $1.5 million deal with catcher Henry Blanco on Thursday, adding a veteran to their bench as they continue to look for a starting catcher.

...while they sign every single backup catcher available.

After that announcement the rumors continued that the Mets were still pursing Bengie Molina, but they were waiting for him to back off of his current 3-year contract demands. What's with all of the focus on the catching? Apparently Jerry Manuel and Dan Warthen were upset at the play-calling of Brian Schneider and Omir Santos last season, and want to clean house. I don't completely understand signing Henry Blanco to 1.5 million dollars though. Why not just teach Santos how to properly call a game? He may be a senior citizen at 28 but he was only a rookie. Why can't he learn from Coste (when he's not checking Phillies scores)? Or from any coach on the team? The Blanco signing only makes sense as a contingency plan if the Mets can't sign Molina, and even then, it doesn't make sense. Bengie Molina strikes out constantly, and the team already employs Jeff Francoeur.

Alright whatever: as The Who sang forty-four years ago, "The Kids Are Alright", and as Roy Orbison sang in "Shahdaroba" forty-six years ago "The future is much better than the past." The team will be saved by its hotshot prospects!

Fernando Martinez, who was hitting .167 with two RBI in six games with Escogido, has been sidelined since last Saturday with blisters. Martinez believes the trouble surfaced during an aggressive batting practice session. He officially is day-to-day, but the blisters reportedly haven't substantially improved.

The continued trouble has led to advice from ex-Met Moises Alou, who is GM of Martinez's winter-ball team. Alou, who used to urinate on his hands to increase the skin's toughness, has recommended Martinez do the same thing.

(Bangs head against wall. Repeatedly.)

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